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13 April 2017

Strained defects in the antipodes

The CNRS has a number of bilateral agreements with foreign universities aimed at promoting new collaborations between CNRS laboratories and these partner institutions. One of these so-called (...)

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17 February 2017

Fausto Sirotti

On January 1st 2017 Fausto Sirotti, Directeur de recherche at CNRS, joined the Group Electrons Photons Surfaces. His scientific interests are directed on photoelectron spectroscopy and his (...)

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16 February 2017

Mechanochromic Luminescence and Liquid Crystallinity of Molecular Copper Clusters

Molecular copper iodide clusters with the [Cu4I4] cubane core have been functionalized by phosphine ligands carrying protomesogenic gallate-based derivatives bearing either long alkyl chains (C8, (...)

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9 June 2016

Thesis prize

Fabian Cadiz has obtained a prize for his thesis of Ecole Polytechnique entitled "Spin dependent transport in semiconductors : a consequence of the Pauli Principle" and supported in July 2015. (...)

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9 May 2016

La thérapie par substitution de surfactant

La thérapie par substitution de surfactant est une technique qui consiste à administrer par voie intra-trachéale le surfactant qui tapisse les zones profondes du poumon et lui permet de se dilater (...)

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8 May 2016

Absence of carrier separation in ambipolar charge and spin drift in p+-GaAs

Absence of carrier separation in ambipolar charge and spin drift in p+-GaAs: The electric field-induced modifications of the spatial distribution of photoelectrons, photoholes, and electronic (...)

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To be noted

April 20 - 11 :00 - PMC conference room

Yann Lanoiselée, Laboratoire PMC
Inferring anomalous diffusion from single particle tracking in (...)

May 11- 11 : 00 PMC Conference room

Thierry Ruchon, Laboratoire Interactions, Dynamiques et Lasers, CEA Saclay
Synthèse, (...)

May 4 - 11 :00 PMC Conference room

Hugues Chaté, Laboratoire SPHINX, CEA Saclay
Emergence de mouvement oscillant collectif dans (...)

April 27, 11 :00 PMC Conference room

Yann Chalopin, Laboratoire EM2C, Châtenay Malabry
La chaleur à l’échelle microscopique : (...)