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Electronic coupling in the F4-TCNQ/single layer GaSe heterostructure

par Anne-Marie - publié le

Interfacial effects in hybrid heterostructures made of organic molecules adsorbed on two-dimensional metal monochalcogenide can improve the electronic properties of the single constitutive layers. Laboratories in Saclay area (PMC, LSI, C2N, LPS), Sorbonne Universités (INSP, UPMC) and TEMPO beamline at SOLEIL synchrotron investigated the interfacial electronic characteristics of the F4-TCNQ/single tetralayer (TL) GaSe heterostructure by X-ray photoemission spectroscopy. They have demonstrated that a high electron transfer takes place from 1TL GaSe into the adsorbed F4-TCNQ molecules, thereby yielding a reduction in the excess negative charge density of GaSe. F4-TCNQ can significantly tune the electronic properties of 1TL GaSe by shifting the band offset of about 0.16 eV toward lower binding energies, a key feature for envisioning its applications in nanoelectronics.

Ref : L. Khalil et al. Physical Review Materials 3, 084002 (2019)