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Jebali Syrine

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Graduated as a Doctor in materials chemistry from the University of Haute Alsace, I occupied a postdoctoral position at the ICMN institute (Interface, Confinement, Materials and Nanostructures - Orleans) from November 2021 to April 2023. My research activities mainly focused on the exploration of several surface modification pathways to tailor the surface chemical and morphological properties of different materials. In fact, the main goal of my PhD studies aimed at broadening the range of films chemical and physical properties that can be achieved during plasma deposition in order to optimize superhydrophobic performance. Thus, I had the opportunity to study different plasma coatings, ranging from plasma polymer thin films to plasma polymer nanoparticles. Furthermore, my postdoctoral research activities focused on the elaboration of nanocomposite polymer films and their surface modification using other methods such as dip-coating and spin-coating techniques.

I am currently pursuing a post-doctoral training at Institut Polytechnique de Paris (PMC laboratory) under the supervision of Dr. Anne-Chantal Gouge and Dr. Francois Ozanam. The consortium of the project called AMPHITEX is composed of 5 teams within 3 laboratories : the
Condensed Matter Physics laboratory (PMC) and the Organic Synthesis Laboratory from the Ecole polytechnique and the unit Chemistry and Processes from ENSTA. The post-doc is located at PMC (team Electrochemistry and thin films) in close collaboration with the team of Olivier Guaitella from LPP (Plasma Physics Laboratory) from Ecole Polytechnique. The focus of this work is the development of a sustainable omniphobic textiles without perfluoro compounds (PFC) by combining silicone hydrophobic polymers, grafting precursors with multiple anchoring and inorganic pigments, compatible with an industrial implementation on textiles, resistant to the stresses of use (washing, friction ...). More precisely, the first task of this project is to focus on the activation of the textiles by different physical methods (UV ozonolyse and plasma treatment at low and atmospheric pressure) in order to generate various chemical functions for furthercovalent post-functionalization.