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Maron Sébastien

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In addition to the maintenance of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer of the laboratory and the NMR support provided to subjects in the Solid State Chemistry group, my subject takes me to the field of nuclear relaxation.

We have shown that the longitudinal nuclear relaxation time T1 was very precisely related to the concentration of paramagnetic dopant contained in a diamagnetic matrix. From this measurement, and knowing the average distance between nuclei probed by NMR, we can go back to the concentration of paramagnetic dopant contained in the matrix. The work was carried out on 31P, spin 1/2, and massive materials, crystalline or not, of LaPO4, YPO4 and glass doped with neodymium (Nd3+) or gadolinium (Gd3+).

Figure 1 : Paramagnetic dopant (here Nd3+) concentration C as a function of the average phosphor to phosphor distance dP-P in materials for which dP-P is known.

This work is carried out in collaboration with Nadège Ollier (LSI - École polytechnique / CNRS / CEA) and Géraldine Dantelle (Institut Néel - CNRS / Université Grenoble Alpes) and are also applied to the understanding in the glasses of the formation of various paramagnetic sites during of γ or electron irradiations.

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Publications about this subject :

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Conferences about this subject :

-Ollier N., Maron S., Gacoin Th. :“T1 NMR Measurements of 31P : a Tool for Point Defects Characterization in irradiated Phosphate Glasses”, Borate & Phosphate 2017, Oxford, 24 - 28 juillet 2017

-Maron S., Ollier N., Gacoin Th., Dantelle G. : “How to measure low doping concentrations by NMR Spectroscopy ?” E-MRS Fall, Varsovie, 19 - 22 septembre 2016

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