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Ozanam François

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Groupe Electrochimie et Couches Minces

Contact :

+33 (0)1 69 33 47 04

Education: Engineering degree (École polytechnnique, 1984), Master degree (DEA) « Solid-state Physics » (Paris 11 University, Orsay, 1985), PhD degree (Paris 11 University, Orsay, 1988)

Positions: CNRS staff member since 1988 at PMC (UMR 7643), head of the PMC lab (2005 - 2014), head of the École polytechnnique Chemistry Department (2012-present)

Teaching: Master Quantum Devices (DQ, "Introduction to photonic devices") (link:, Group Science Project (PSC, Student collaborative projects, for the Physics Department) (link:, Molecular Chemistry Master (coordination of the Frédéric Joliot-Curie track–École polytechnique, for the Chemistry Department) (link:

Research interests:
Physics and electrochemistry of semiconductor and electrolyte interfaces, vibrational spectroscopy at surfaces and at the electrochemical interface, physics and chemistry of porous silicon, molecular layers and functionalization of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces, amorphous semiconductors and their applications to biosensors and electrodes for lithium-ion batteries

Selected publications:
[1] Spectroscopic Insight into Li-Ion Batteries during Operation: An Alternative Infrared Approach, Alves Dalla Corte, D.; Caillon, G.; Jordy, C.; Chazalviel, J.-N.; Rosso, M.; Ozanam F., Adv. Energy Mater., (2016) 6, 1501768.
[2] Quantitative assessment of the multivalent protein-carbohydrate interactions on silicon, Yang, J.; Chazalviel, J.-N.; Siriwardena, A.; Boukherroub, R.; Ozanam, F.; Szunerits, S.; Gouget-Laemmel, A. C., Analytical Chemistry (2014) 86, 10340-10349.
[3] Methylated silicon: A longer cycle-life material for Li-ion batteries, Larbi Touahir, L.; Cheriet, A.; Alves Dalla Corte, D.; Chazalviel, J.-N.; Henry de Villeneuve, C.; Ozanam, F.; Solomon, I.; Keffous, A.; Gabouze, N.; Rosso, M., J. Power Sources (2013) 240, 551-557.
[4] Semiquantitative study of the EDC/NHS activation of acid terminal groups at modified porous silicon surfaces, Sam, S.; Touahir, L. ; Salvador Andresa, J.; Allongue, P.; Chazalviel, J. -N.; Gouget-Laemmel, A. C.; Henry de Villeneuve, C.; Moraillon, A.; Ozanam, F.; Gabouze, N.; Djebbar, S., Langmuir (2010) 26, 809-814.
[5] Well-defined carboxyl-terminated alkyl monolayers grafted onto H-Si(111): Packing density from a combined AFM and quantitative IR study, Faucheux, A.; Gouget-Laemmel, A.C.; Henry de Villeneuve, C.; Boukherroub, R.; Ozanam, F.; Allongue, P.; Chazalviel, J.-N., Langmuir (2006), 22, 153-162.
[6] Fully methylated, atomically flat (111) silicon surface, Fidélis, A.; Ozanam, F.; Chazalviel, J.-N., Surf. Sci. (2000), 444, L7-L10.
[7] Self-organized macrostructures in anodically formed mesoporous silica, Frey, S.; Grésillon, B.; Ozanam, F.; Chazalviel, J.-N.; Carstensen, J.; Föll, H.; Wehrspohn, R. B., Electrochem. Solid-State Lett. (2005), 8, B25-B29.
[8] Spatial versus quantum confinement in porous amorphous silicon nanostructures, Wehrspohn, R. B.; Chazalviel, J.-N.; Ozanam, F. ; Solomon, I., Eur. Phys. J. B (1999), 8, 179-193.
[9] The role of atomic ensembles in the reactivity of bimetallic electrocatalysts, Maroun, F. ; Ozanam, F. ; Magnussen, M. ; Behm, R. J. ; Science (2001), 293, 1811-1814.
[10] In situ infrared characterization of the interfacial oxide during the anodic dissolution of a silicon electrode in fluoride electrolytes, Fonseca, C. da; Ozanam, F. ; Chazalviel, J.-N., Surf. Sci. (1996), 365, 1-14.