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Tusseau-Nenez Sandrine

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Research Engineer

Contact :

+33 (0)1 69 33 47 12


Technical manager of the X-Ray Diffraction Platform at Ecole Polytechnique–DIFFRAX :
- Technical coordination.
- PANalytical French users’ meeting co-organizer (since 2010),
- Member of the French professional network Reciproqs :
- Member of the French crystallographic association:


- X-Ray diffraction on polycrystalline materials: phase identification, microstructural and Rietveld analyses. Free and commercial softwares.
- X-ray diffraction on polycrystalline and monocrystalline thin films: phase identification, microstructural analysis, reflectometry, texture analysis
- Thermodynamic analyses (TDA-TGA, DSC)
- Physicochemical characterizations of materials (SEM-EDX, Hg porosimetry, He pycnometry, BET, XPS)
- Phase diagram calculations (Calphad approach, Thermo-Calc software)
Radiation safety expert since 2005


CNAM-entreprises, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris
- Training FCMG01 : Mntroduction to metallurgy, lesson « binary phase diagrams »
- Training FCEA04 : Metallography and Fractography: 2 complementary techniques for the metallurgist, lesson « binary phase diagrams »
- Training FCEA17 : Introduction to X-Ray diffraction, teaching manager

Université Paris-Diderot, Licence professionnelle Analyse des matériaux
Lecture Ceramic and Glass Materials
X-ray diffraction practical exercises


Material R&D for ALTO facility - Accélérateur Linéaire et Tandem d’Orsay, Institut de Physique Nucléaire d’Orsay, UMR 8608, Orsay.
Development of uranium carbide targets (European projects SPIRAL2-GANIL and ACTILAB)
- Synthesis, physicochemical analyses (XRD, SEM, Hg porosimetry, He pycnometry, BET) and irradiation.
- Implementation of a shared technical platform (IN2P3-IPNO, IN2P3-LAL, IN2P3-CSNSM, CEA-IRFU-DACM) for the characterization of materials dedicated to accelerators.
- Co-supervisor of the thesis «development of radioactive beams: influence of the microstructure of uranium carbide target on the fission product release », J. Guillot, Paris Sud (2014-2017)
- Supervisor of 4 interns
- Member of the laboratory council


2008-2011: Technical manager of the platform «analysis techniques and characterizations », Institut de Chimie Matériaux Paris Est, UMR 7182, Thiais
2002-2011: X-ray diffraction and dedicated softwares. Phase diagram modeling for metals and oxides (Thermo-CALC and Dictra softwares) and thermodynamic analyses (TDA, DSC)
Co-supervisor of the thesis« Thermodynamic modeling for phase diagrams of cement clinkers », coll. CNRS-ItalCementi Group, C. Girod-Labianca, Paris 6 (2004-2008)
Supervisor of 6 interns
Communication coordinator for the institute, member of the laboratory council since 2003


Post-doctoral position: «Instrumental development for obtaining and observing dendritic orientated growth on transparent metallic model materials», Laboratoire Matériaux et Microélectronique de Provence (L2MP), Faculté de Saint Jérôme, Université de Marseille III

1998-2001: PHD position in physic and chemistry , Dijon.
«Tunable dielectric ceramics for microwave applications: composites based on barium-strontium titanate and non-ferroelectric oxide», THALES Research & Technology (Orsay) / Université de Bourgogne, LRRS, Dijon

1997-1998 Master 2 Material physics and surface, ISITEM (Nantes)
1995-1997 Licence and Master 1 Physical sciences, Université de Nantes