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Tusseau-Nenez Sandrine

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Research Engineer

Contact :

+33 (0)1 69 33 47 12


Technical manager of the X-Ray Diffraction Platform at Ecole Polytechnique–DIFFRAX :
- Technical coordination.
- PANalytical French users’ meeting co-organizer (since 2010),
- Member of the French professional network Reciproqs :
- Member of the French crystallographic association :


- X-Ray diffraction on polycrystalline materials : phase identification, microstructural and Rietveld analyses. Free and commercial softwares.
- X-ray diffraction on polycrystalline and monocrystalline thin films : phase identification, microstructural analysis, reflectometry, texture analysis
- Thermodynamic analyses (TDA-TGA, DSC)
- Physicochemical characterizations of materials (SEM-EDX, Hg porosimetry, He pycnometry, BET, XPS)
- Phase diagram calculations (Calphad approach, Thermo-Calc software)
Radiation safety expert since 2005


CNAM-entreprises, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris
- Training FCMG01 : Mntroduction to metallurgy, lesson « binary phase diagrams »
- Training FCEA04 : Metallography and Fractography : 2 complementary techniques for the metallurgist, lesson « binary phase diagrams »
- Training FCEA17 : Introduction to X-Ray diffraction, teaching manager

Université Paris-Diderot, Licence professionnelle Analyse des matériaux
Lecture Ceramic and Glass Materials
X-ray diffraction practical exercises


Material R&D for ALTO facility - Accélérateur Linéaire et Tandem d’Orsay, Institut de Physique Nucléaire d’Orsay, UMR 8608, Orsay.
Development of uranium carbide targets (European projects SPIRAL2-GANIL and ACTILAB)
- Synthesis, physicochemical analyses (XRD, SEM, Hg porosimetry, He pycnometry, BET) and irradiation.
- Implementation of a shared technical platform (IN2P3-IPNO, IN2P3-LAL, IN2P3-CSNSM, CEA-IRFU-DACM) for the characterization of materials dedicated to accelerators.
- Co-supervisor of the thesis « development of radioactive beams : influence of the microstructure of uranium carbide target on the fission product release », J. Guillot, Paris Sud (2014-2017)
- Supervisor of 4 interns
- Member of the laboratory council


2008-2011 : Technical manager of the platform « analysis techniques and characterizations », Institut de Chimie Matériaux Paris Est, UMR 7182, Thiais
2002-2011 : X-ray diffraction and dedicated softwares. Phase diagram modeling for metals and oxides (Thermo-CALC and Dictra softwares) and thermodynamic analyses (TDA, DSC)
Co-supervisor of the thesis« Thermodynamic modeling for phase diagrams of cement clinkers », coll. CNRS-ItalCementi Group, C. Girod-Labianca, Paris 6 (2004-2008)
Supervisor of 6 interns
Communication coordinator for the institute, member of the laboratory council since 2003


Post-doctoral position : « Instrumental development for obtaining and observing dendritic orientated growth on transparent metallic model materials », Laboratoire Matériaux et Microélectronique de Provence (L2MP), Faculté de Saint Jérôme, Université de Marseille III

1998-2001 : PHD position in physic and chemistry , Dijon.
« Tunable dielectric ceramics for microwave applications : composites based on barium-strontium titanate and non-ferroelectric oxide », THALES Research & Technology (Orsay) / Université de Bourgogne, LRRS, Dijon

1997-1998 Master 2 Material physics and surface, ISITEM (Nantes)
1995-1997 Licence and Master 1 Physical sciences, Université de Nantes