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The electric field-induced modifications of the spatial distribution of photoelectrons, photoholes, and electronic spins in optically pumped p + GaAs are investigated using a polarized luminescence imaging microscopy. At low pump intensity, application of an electric field reveals the tail of charge and spin density of drifting electrons. These tails disappear when the pump intensity is increased since a slight differential drift of photoelectrons and photoholes causes the buildup of a strong internal electric field. Spatial separation of photoholes and photoelectrons is very weak so that photoholes drift in the same direction as photoelectrons, thus exhibiting a negative effective mobility. In contrast, for a zero electric field, no significant ambipolar diffusive effects are found in the same sample.
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10 April 2019

Un second « prix poster » pour Cassiana Andrei

C’est en décembre 2017 que Cassiana Andrei, doctorante au Laboratoire PMC, a reçu le « prix poster » du pôle Matériaux Innovants et Applications lors de la journée de l’Ecole doctorale Interfaces. (...)

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11 March 2019

Silicon’s response to mechanical stress amplified by crystal defects

The electrical resistance of a commercial silicon wafer has been shown to exhibit giant changes when mechanically stressed. The ability to change silicon’s electrical resistance with stress, an (...)

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18 February 2019

La naissance miraculeuse des flocons de neige

Par Tristan Vey
La diversité et la complexité des flocons de neige fascinent depuis longtemps les physiciens qui n’ont pas encore levé tous les mystères de leur formation. La neige qui tombe (...)

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31 January 2019

Modifying silicon’s surface electronic properties with mechanical stress

Mechanical stress is widely used in strained-silicon technologies to improve the performance of microelectronic devices. This relies on the fact that stress can be used to modify the so-called (...)

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19 December 2018

Revealing spin-valley dynamics in 2D semiconductors: the SpinCAT project funded by the ANR

The roadmap of future innovative device developments foresees the reduction of material dimensions down to nanometer scale and the incorporation of 2D compounds with novel degrees of freedom (...)

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