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The electric field-induced modifications of the spatial distribution of photoelectrons, photoholes, and electronic spins in optically pumped p + GaAs are investigated using a polarized luminescence imaging microscopy. At low pump intensity, application of an electric field reveals the tail of charge and spin density of drifting electrons. These tails disappear when the pump intensity is increased since a slight differential drift of photoelectrons and photoholes causes the buildup of a strong internal electric field. Spatial separation of photoholes and photoelectrons is very weak so that photoholes drift in the same direction as photoelectrons, thus exhibiting a negative effective mobility. In contrast, for a zero electric field, no significant ambipolar diffusive effects are found in the same sample.
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18 September 2018

Bourse de collaboration Simons sur la localisation des ondes

La fondation Simons finance un projet de collaboration sur la localisation des ondes impliquant physiciens et mathématiciens.
S’appuyant sur une percée théorique récente appelée « paysage de (...)

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22 August 2018

Exciton diffusion revealed in WSe2 monolayers

A recently published work from the “Electrons Photons Surfaces” group sheds light on the transport properties of excitons in novel, atomically thin 2D semiconductors. For this, a (...)

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30 July 2018

Polarized luminescence of Anistropic LaPo4 Eu Nanocrystal Polymorphs

Among the various types of phosphors, lanthanides perform the most informative luminescence spectra identifying the chemical structure of the host material. However, there is a disconnection (...)

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2 July 2018

MOMENTOM workshop "Disruptive materials for the electrochemical energy storage" at Polytechnique.

MOMENTOM (MOlecules and Materials for the ENergy of TOMorrow) is a research program of Paris-Saclay University, structured in 4 "challenges". The workshop held on June 28 was organized in the (...)

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18 May 2018

50 years of Optical Orientation in Semiconductors

In 1968, optical spin orientation in semiconductors was discovered by Georges Lampel at Ecole polytechnique. The symposium will celebrate fifty years of prolific research on the spin physics in (...)

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