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Phung Ngoc Tram

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Groupe Electrochimie et Couches Minces

Contact :

+33 (0)1 69 33 46 65

2014-2018: Bachelor degree of Chemistry Teacher Education at Hue University of Pedagogy, Viet Nam.

2018-2020: Master degree of Advanced Materials Engineering at École Polytechnique, Université Paris Saclay.

2020-now: PhD student at Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée, École Polytechnique.

Research Topic :

Lithium-ion batteries are by far the ones that have attracted the most interest and the way to improve their performances has become a hot topic. As a matter of fact, the performance of battery is affected significantly by the electrodes, which determine the quantity as well as the speed of Li storage.
Recently, the study of negative electrode for Li-ion batteries is an important research topic. We have shown that the incorporation of methyl groups in amorphous silicon improves its stability without decreasing its lithium insertion capacity. The layers of methylated silicon have so far been studied in what are called half-cells consisting of the Si layer, an electrolyte and a lithium sheet.

We now wish to study systems closer to real applications, in particular by producing complete batteries, therefore comprising both a negative electrode based on methylated amorphous silicon and an optimized positive electrode based on metal oxide. In addition, the use of electrodes produced in a form allowing a surface capacity close to the state of the art should make it possible to envisage the concrete use of the material in Li-ion batteries. My PhD thesis is then focused on the behavior of methylated amorphous silicon in full-cell batteries, in carrying out electrochemical tests (galvanostatic cycling, voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy, possibly in situ microscopy), then to examine the state of the electrodes after cycling by optical methods (optical microscope, Raman), SEM, AFM ...