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2014 -

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[1] N. Tournerie, A. Engelhardt, F. Maroun, and P. Allongue,
Probing the electrochemical interface with in situ magnetic characterizations: A case study of
Co/Au(111) layers,
Surf. Sci. 631, 88 (2015).

[2] F. Lecadre, A. Damian, I. Braems, F. Maroun, and P. Allongue,
Ni electrochemical epitaxy on unreconstructed Au(111): An in-situ STM study,
Surf. Sci. 631 (0), 135 (2015).

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[4] J. Yang, A. Moraillon, A. Siriwardena, R. Boukherroub, F. Ozanam, A. C. Gouget-Laemmel,
S. Szunerits.
Carbohydrate microarray for the detection of glycan-protein interactions using metal-enhanced fluorescence,
Analytical Chemistry 87, 3721 (2015). ,

[5] K. Khaldi, S. Sam, A.C. Gouget-Laemmel, C. Henry de Villeneuve, A. Moraillon, F. Ozanam, J. Yang, A. Kermad, N. Ghellai, N. Gabouze
Active acetylcholinesterase immobilization on functionalized silicon surface"
Langmuir, 2015, in press


[1] A. L. Souza, G. Tremiliosi Filho, L. T. Kubota, R. K. Mendes, A. M. Botelho do Rego, O. N. Oliveira, Jr.,
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Poly(dimethylsiloxane) as a pre-coating in layer-by-layer films containing phosphotungstate
nanoclusters electrochemically sensitive toward s-triazines,
RSC Advances 4 (56), 29612 (2014).

[2] C. Perereira-Nabais, J. Swiatowska, M. Rosso, F. Ozanam, A. Seyeux, A. Gohier, P. Tran-Van, M. Cassir, and P. Marcus,
Effect of lithiation potential and cycling on chemical and morphological evolution of Si thin fil electrode studied by ToF-SIMS,
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (15), 13023-13033 (2014).

[3] J. Yang, J.-N. Chazalviel, A. Siriwardena, R. Boukherroub, F. Ozanam, S. Szunerits, and
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[5]. S. Sam, A-C. Gouget-Laemmel, J.-N. Chazalviel, F. Ozanam, A. Etcheberry, S. Belhousse, N; Gabbouze,
Voltammetric Behavior of Peptide-Modified Porous Silicon after Metal Complexation
Key Engineering Materials 605, 119-122 (2014); DOI: 10.4028/