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Présentation of the Irregularity group

by Anne-Marie - published on , updated on

Complex shapes are ubiquitous and can be easily found both in living systems and in material science. They can for instance be found in the networks (airways, blood vessels...) that go through our bodies. They also are present in dendrites that appear in electrochemical batteries and lead to their failure. Irregular and complex geometries of grains or of the microstructure of alloys have a dramatic effect on their properties. The aim of our work is to understand both how such geometries appear and how they affect the properties of materials:

  1. In our work on pattern formation we study how irregular, disordered and complex geometries appear. This applies, among others, to dendritic growth and other diffusion limited processes, to crack propagation, and to coarsenning process.
  2. We also study transport processes in complex geometries. This applies to diffusion in confined medium such as cells, to gas exchange in organs such as lungs or placenta.

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