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2016 Science Festival 2016

by Anne-Marie - published on , updated on

Scientific Intrumentation: engineers and technicians at the service of research.

Friday, 2016.10.07 from 16: 30: school groups registered by Ecole Polytechnique

Saturday, 2016.10.08. - 14: 00-21: 00: Open to the public

The engineers design, develop and improve the development of experimental devices, and technicians implement these devices by controlling their operating and carrying out measures.
They are the pillars that will support researchers to conduct their research. These researches are deployed in a technical environment as decisive as the laboratory bench or microscopes.
With the multi-technical competency of these experts and the use of advanced technologies and new materials, innovative solutions are induced.
Our stand will help you to better understand the different careers in research and learn more about microscopy, X-ray diffraction, optical and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance).