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Electrochemistry and thin film group

by Rosso Michel - published on , updated on

Quelques activités du groupe

The electrochemistry and thin film group research encompasses different topics:

 Electrochemical deposition and nanostructures: Electrochemical growth, epitaxy; alloys; nanomaterials for magnetism and optics; electrochemical lithography.

 Molecular organization and interactions on surface: new biosensors on silicon; photoswitching surfaces ; grafting mechanisms and interfaces properties.

 Functional thin films: carbonated amorphous silicon; Li-ion negative electrode; metal-organic thin films, plamonic biosensors.

 Electrochemistry of single nano-objects: Nano-electrochemistry, nano-object, electrochemical collision, nanoelectrode, electron transfer, in-situ/in-operando characterization

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