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Former group members

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Former Ph.D. students

Surname Name Years Current position
Van der Sluijs Anne-Marie 1993-1996 Research engineer, Thales
Filipe Antoine 1994-1997 Technical Director, Tronics-TDK
Bertrand Philippe 1995-1999 Armement engineer, DGA
Cacho Céphise 1997-2000 Researcher, DIAMOND
Wirth Thibaut 1997-2000 Engineer, TRIXELL
Rattier Maxime 1998-2001 R&D Director, iXBlue
Landraud Natalie 1999-2002 Teacher, "classe préparatoire", lycée du Parc à Lyon
Olivier Ségolène 1999-2002 Research engineer, CEA-LETI-MINATEC
Rougemaille Nicolas 2000-2003 CNRS researcher, Institut Neel
Schwoob Emilie 2001-2004 Research engineer, CEA
David Aurelien 2002-2005 Chief scientist, Soraa
Garrot Damien 2002-2006 Assistant professor, UVSQ
Lamine Driss 2004-2007 Research engineer, Saint Gobain
Roux Frédéric 2004-2008 Research engineer, CEA
Fabbri Filippo 2006-2009 Assistant professor C2N, University Paris-Saclay
Vu Duong 2007-2010 Researcher, Vietnamese Academy of Sciences
Li Xiaoxin 2009-2011 Researcher, Chinese ministry of industry and information technologies
Favorskiy Igor 2011-2014 Research engineer, Coventor
Desboeufs Nicolas 2011-2014 Research engineer, Saint Gobain
Vu Duc Anh 2011-2014 Research engineer, Sebia
Cadiz Fabian 2012-2015 Assistant professor, Ecole polytechnique
Dasgupta Tapayoti 2012-2015 Assistant Professor, IISc Bangalore (India)
Polovodov Petr 2012-2016 Post-doctorant, I.E.M.N. (Lille)
Piccardo Marco 2013-2016 Chercheur, IIT (Italy)
Zhaksylykova-Ustinov Indira 2015-2018 Invisensing
Li Heng 2016-2019 Huawei (China)
Chevalier Sylvain 2016-2019 Chauvin Arnoux - Spectralys Innovation
Hahn Wiebke 2017-2020 II-VI Laser Entreprise (Switzerland)
Lentali Jean-Marie 2017-2021

Former post-docs

Surname Name Years Current position
Parent Gilles 1999 Assistant professor, University of Nancy
Martinelli Lucio 2004-2006 Research engineer, CNRS
Milne Jason 2010-2011 Research engineer, Schlumberger
Jegenyes Nikoletta 2012-2013 Post-doc at C2N
Van den Heever Stanley 2015-2016 Ingénieur de recherche chez PragmatIC

Former faculty

Surname Name Years Role
Safarov Viatcheslav 1991-1995 Invited researcher
Drouhin Henri-Jean 1980-2004 Armement engineer, Ecole polytechnique
Richter Christine 2004-2006 Assistant professor, Université Cergy-Pontoise
Hermann Claudine 1969-2006 Professor, Ecole polytechnique
Benisty Henri 1994-2006 Professor, University Paris XI, Institut d’Optique
Lampel Georges -2018 Researcher
Martinelli Lucio 2011-2019 Research engineer
Ranély Vergé Dépré Claude-Alban 2020 Research engineer