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Group members

by Rosso Michel - published on , updated on

Makeup of the group:

Permanent faculty

Maroun Fouad CNRS DR-head of the group
Allongue Philippe CNRS DR
Gouget-Laemmel Anne Chantal CNRS CR
Henry de Villeneuve Catherine CNRS CR
Moraillon Anne CNRS IR
Ozanam François CNRS DR
Renault Christophe CNRS CR

Non permanent members

Andrei Cassiana PhD student
Bern Francis Post-doc
Bouvier Mathilde PhD student
Da Silva Alexandre PhD student
Deng Zejun PhD student
Feng Yue PhD student
Fu Weichu PhD student
Grissa Rabeb Post-doc
Pacheco Ivan PhD student
Panagopoulou Marianthi Post-doc
Sim Hyeonseok PhD student