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Presentation of the solid state chemistry group

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Head: Thierry Gacoin

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Presentation of the Solid State Chemistry group :

The activities of the Chemistry group fall within the field of Materials Science. Our work focuses on the synthesis, structural characterization and investigation of the physical properties of inorganic or organic/inorganic hybrid materials. These materials, generally considered as nanocrystals or thin films, exhibit a microstructure in the nanometer scale. This gives rise to original physical properties that are studied and optimized in our group, often in close connection with targeted applications.

The research activities of the group correspond to the 15th section of the CNRS (Chemistry of Materials, Nanomaterials and Processes). We are also members of both Departments of Physics and Chemistry of the Ecole Polytechnique.

Colloidal solutions of rare earth doped nanoparticles under UV irradiation.

Main research topics considered in the Solid State Chemistry Group:

 1- Organic / inorganic hybrid materials : Sol-gel materials, functionalization...
 2- Functional nano-objects : luminescent oxide nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles based on oxide or Prussian blue analogs, colloidal nanorods...
 3- Nanostructured thin films : dielectric coatings, nanostructured luminescent coatings or photovoltaic absorbers, metal / dielectric nanocomposites...
 4- Active materials and devices:X-chomic clusters, photo-commutable devices, azobenzen based photomechanical devices, nanocomposites with piezoresistive properties ...
 5- Electron microscopy applied to nano-objects