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MOMENTOM workshop "Disruptive materials for the electrochemical energy storage" at Polytechnique.

by Anne-Marie - published on

MOMENTOM (MOlecules and Materials for the ENergy of TOMorrow) is a research program of Paris-Saclay University, structured in 4 "challenges". The workshop held on June 28 was organized in the framework of challenge 3, entitled "Disruptive materials for electrochemical energy storage".
The event began with a visit to the PMC laboratory, which presented the laboratory activities related to 3 MOMENTOM challenges. Two lectures were given by Pierre Tran-Van (Renault) and Philippe Barboux (ChimieParisTech) and eight flash presentations given by students or postdocs involved in the MOMENTOM program. The worshop ended with a poster presentation and a cocktail party.
The event brought together about 70 people from Paris-Saclay.