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4 September 2019

Work on localization commented in the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics

In a three-page article published online in the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics, a site where recognized researchers comment once a month on some notable scientific articles), Carlo (...)

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29 August 2019

Electronic coupling in the F4-TCNQ/single layer GaSe heterostructure

Interfacial effects in hybrid heterostructures made of organic molecules adsorbed on two-dimensional metal monochalcogenide can improve the electronic properties of the single constitutive (...)

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22 July 2019

Evidence of Direct Electronic Band Gap in two-dimensional van der Waals Indium Selenide crystals

A collaboration between research groups at C2N, Synchrotron SOLEIL, LSI and PMC on the “plateau de Saclay” and of the UPMC in Paris obtained a precise determination of the electronic structure of (...)

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22 July 2019

Transient quantum isolation and critical behavior in the magnetization dynamics of half-metallic manganites

In an international collaboration between groups from Italy, Germany, Japan, France and Great Britain, we combine time resolved pump-probe Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect and Photoelectron (...)

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16 July 2019

Blocage de la diffusion de porteurs dans un semi-conducteur

La diffusion est un phénomène très général qui tend à rendre uniforme la composition d’un milieu dès que celui-ci est spatialement inhomogène. Il a été décrit dès le 19e siècle par des lois (loi de Fick) (...)

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To be noted

September 5 - 11 :00 - PMC conference room

Jeongmo Kim (LPMC)
Developement of Europium-doped colloidal nanorods and their (...)

September 12 - 11 :00 - PMC conference room

Thomas Guerin (LOMA)
Dispersion and first passage kinetics in complex media

September 19 - 14 :00 - CURIE Amphitheatre

Heng Li (LPMC)
Space charge limited piezo-response of silicon in the presence of electronic (...)

September 26 - 11 :00 -PMC conference room

Andries Meijerink (Utrecht University - Netherlands)
’Multi-photon phosphors’ on Up- and (...)