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Revealing spin-valley dynamics in 2D semiconductors : the SpinCAT project funded by the ANR

par Anne-Marie - publié le

The roadmap of future innovative device developments foresees the reduction of material dimensions down to nanometer scale and the incorporation of 2D compounds with novel degrees of freedom (DOF). For instance 2D semiconductors like MoS2 monolayers exhibit a spin texture of the band structure due to a unique coupling between the spin and the valley (momentum) DOF. The "SpinCAT" project aims to explore this unique spin-valley coupling by original and versatile experimental techniques able to explore the valley dynamics and the electronic structure of a wide variety of materials, including 2D semiconductors and their heterostructures of potential use in future applications. The proposed approach is based on the development of a state of the art spin-polarized cathodoluminescence spectroscopy setup complemented by scanning tunneling luminescence. This project will benefit from very recent developments in sample fabrication and a rich scientific environment which favours interactions with theoreticians and experts in condensed matter physics.