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ISAB’s visit at PMC

par Anne-Marie - publié le

Ecole polytechnique choose the PMC to show two ISAB (International Scientific Advisory Board) members a flagship experiment currently underway. Wiebke Hahn, doctoral student at PMC, explained "Disorder-induced localization effects in nitride semiconductor compounds and devices" :

Nitride semiconductor compounds are nowadays already widely used in LEDs and power electronics. However, the active part of devices contains alloys which exhibit an intrinsic compositional disorder which induces carrier localization effects at the scale of a few nm. These phenomena have to be better understood in order to push the performances of nitride devices to their theoretical limits which is needed to achieve major energy savings. The experimental technique of scanning tunneling luminescence (STL) developed at the LPMC allows to probe transport and recombination processes at the relevant scale by local carrier injection with a scanning tunneling microscope (STM). It is the first experiment to resolve the localization effects induced by the intrinsic alloy disorder in a nitride quantum structure.