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Cordoba Antoine

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Groupe Physique de l’Irrégularité

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Lithium-ion batteries are, for now, a very commonly used way of storing electricity for hybrid and electrical vehicles.
It is also one of the two main research subjects of the CEA’s Department of Electricity and Hydrogen for Transport (DEHT) in Grenoble, the other one being , of course, hydrogen.
The PhD I am pursuing at the CEA Grenoble is directed by Mathis Plapp and co-directed by Marion Chandesris from the CEA. This thesis aims to deepen our understanding of the link between the crystal structure and thermodynamics and kinetic properties of the positive electrode materials.
The active matter of this electrode consists of different layers of transition metals and oxygen inside which the lithium ions will intercalate when the battery charges or get removed during the discharge, changing the crystal structure of the material in the process.
To that end, we plan to use the Cahn-Hilliard model, which is a phenomenological thermodynamic model for the dynamics of interacting particles, adapted for multi-layered structures.
The three main results that we want to obtain are :
The equilibrium potential of the battery,
The reaction speed i.e. the speed at which lithium ions enter the structure,
The diffusion speed i.e. the speed at which these ions move through the structure.