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Alyabyeva Natalia

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Groupe Electrons Photons Surfaces


During my research career in surface science and condensed matter physics, I have acquired a wide expertise in vacuum techniques, nano-fabrication, multi-scale characterization methods as microscopy and spectroscopy. I have development various kind of techniques and manage different instrumental platforms.

My past work was focused on the study of structural, electronic, optical and chemical properties of inorganic and organic materials, metallic, semiconductor or insulator, magnetic, multiferroic or plasmonic, in the form of single crystals, thin films, nanoparticles or hybrid nanoassemblies, applied in nanoelectronics, optics, medicine… For that I have used different growth and nanofabrication techniques and perform characterization in air, in liquid cells or under ultra-high vacuum. I have acquired solid skills in the development and use of various analysis tools such as local probe microscopies (STM, AFM, SEM), and linear (UV-Vis), non-linear (vibrational SFG) optical and photoelectron (UPS, XPS) spectroscopies.