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Publications 2020

par Hervé Henry - publié le

  • Angely C., Ladant D., Planus E., Louis B., Filoche M. et al. (2020). Functional and structural consequences of epithelial cell invasion by Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin. PLoS ONE, 15(5)e0228606. DOI
  • Bayle R., Cueto O., Blonkowski S., Philippe T., Henry H. et al. (2020). Phase-field modeling of the non-congruent crystallization of a ternary Ge–Sb–Te alloy for phase-change memory applications. Journal of Applied Physics, 128(18) . DOI
  • Bequignon E., Mangin D., Bécaud J., Pasquier J., Angely C. et al. (2020). Pathogenesis of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps : role of IL-6 in airway epithelial cell dysfunction. Journal of Translational Medicine, 18(1). DOI
  • Berthelot G. C., Tupikina L., Kang M.-Y., Sapoval B., Grebenkov D. S. (2020). Pseudo-Darwinian evolution of physical flows in complex networks. Scientific Reports, 10(1). DOI
  • Blanchon S., Legendre M., Bottier M., Tamalet A., Montantin G. et al. (2020). Deep phenotyping, including quantitative ciliary beating parameters, and extensive genotyping in primary ciliary dyskinesia. Journal of Medical Genetics, 57(4) . DOI
  • Filoche M., Arnold D. N., Mayboroda S., David G., Jerison D. (2020). Filoche et al. Reply :. Physical Review Letters, 124(21) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2020). Diffusion toward non-overlapping partially reactive spherical traps : Fresh insights onto classic problems. Journal of Chemical Physics, 152(24) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Metzler R., Oshanin G. (2020). From single-particle stochastic kinetics to macroscopic reaction rates : fastest first-passage time of N random walkers. New Journal of Physics, 22. DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2020). Joint distribution of multiple boundary local times and related first-passage time problems with multiple targets. Journal of Statistical Mechanics : Theory and Experiment, 2020(10) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Skvortsov A. T. (2020). Mean first-passage time to a small absorbing target in an elongated planar domain. New Journal of Physics, 22(11) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2020). Paradigm Shift in Diffusion-Mediated Surface Phenomena. Physical Review Letters, 125(7) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Holcman D., Metzler R. (2020). Preface : new trends in first-passage methods and applications in the life sciences and engineering. Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 53(19) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2020). Surface hopping propagator : An alternative approach to diffusion-influenced reactions. Physical Review E, 102(3) .DOI
  • Le Vot F., Yuste S. B. S., Abad E., Grebenkov D. S. (2020). First-encounter time of two diffusing particles in confinement. Physical Review E, 102(3) .DOI
  • Moutal N. S., Grebenkov D. S. (2020). The localization regime in a nutshell. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 320 . DOI
  • Moutal N. S., Moutal A., Grebenkov D. S. (2020). Diffusion NMR in periodic media : efficient computation and spectral properties. Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 53(32) . DOI
  • Philippe T., Henry H., Plapp M. (2020). A regularized phase-field model for faceting in a kinetically controlled crystal growth. Proceedings of the Royal Society A : Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 476(2241) . DOI
  • Sposini V., Grebenkov D. S., Metzler R., Oshanin G., Seno F. (2020). Universal spectral features of different classes of random-diffusivity processes. New Journal of Physics, 22(6) . DOI
  • Zanella R., Tegze G., Le Tellier R., Henry H. (2020). Two-and Three-Dimensional Simulations of Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities Using a Coupled Cahn-Hilliard / Navier-Stokes Model. Physics of Fluids DOI