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Publications 2019

par Hervé Henry - publié le

  • Almog Y., Grebenkov D. S., Helffer B. (2019). On a Schrödinger operator with a purely imaginary potential in the semiclassical limit. Communications in Partial Differential Equations, 44(12) . DOI
  • Arnold D. L., David G., Filoche M., Jerison D., Mayboroda S. (2019). Computing Spectra without Solving Eigenvalue Problems. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 41(1)B69-B92. DOI
  • Arnold D. L., David G., Filoche M., Jerison D., Mayboroda S. (2019). Localization of eigenfunctions via an effective potential. Communications in Partial Differential Equations, 44(11) . DOI
  • Azzam A., Hauet A., Danoix F., Philippe T., Sauvage X. et al. (2019). Phase transformations and γ′ phase stability in model CoAlW superalloys. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 798 . DOI
  • Bonvalet-Rolland M., Philippe T., Ågren J. (2019). Kinetic theory of nucleation in multicomponent systems : An application of the thermodynamic extremum principle. Acta Materialia, 171 . DOI
  • Chalopin Y., Piazza F., Mayboroda S., Weisbuch C., Filoche M. (2019). Universality of fold-encoded localized vibrations in enzymes. Scientific Reports, 9(1). DOI
  • Diaz Simoes J. R., Grebenkov D. S., Bourgine P., Peyriéras N. (2019). Brownian-like deviation of neighboring cells in the early embryogenesis of the zebrafish. Physical Biology, 16(2) . DOI
  • Diaz Simões J. R., Grebenkov D., Bourgine P., Peyriéras N. (2019). Brownian-like deviation of neighboring cells in the early embryogenesis of the zebrafish. Physical Biology, 16(2) . DOI
  • Ghosh S., Karma A., Plapp M., Akamatsu S., Bottin-Rousseau S. et al. (2019). Influence of morphological instability on grain-boundary trajectory during directional solidification. Acta Materialia. DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2019). A unifying approach to first-passage time distributions in diffusing diffusivity and switching diffusion models. Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 52(17) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Metzler R., Oshanin G. (2019). Full distribution of first exit times in the narrow escape problem. New Journal of Physics, 21(12) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Probability distribution of the boundary local time of reflected Brownian motion in Euclidean domains. Physical Review E, 100(6). DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Reversible reactions controlled by surface diffusion on a sphere. Journal of Chemical Physics, 151(15) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Traytak S. D. (2019). Semi-analytical computation of Laplacian Green functions in three-dimensional domains with disconnected spherical boundaries. Journal of Computational Physics, 379 . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Spectral theory of imperfect diffusion-controlled reactions on heterogeneous catalytic surfaces. Journal of Chemical Physics, 151(10) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Time-averaged MSD for switching diffusion. Physical Review E, 99(3) . DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Metzler R., Oshanin G., Dagdug L., Berezhkovskii A. M. et al. (2019). Trapping of diffusing particles by periodic absorbing rings on a cylindrical tube. Journal of Chemical Physics, 150. DOI
  • Guillot J., Roussière B., Tusseau-Nenez S., Grebenkov D. S., Barré-Boscher N. et al. (2019). Development of radioactive beams at ALTO : Part 2. Influence of the UC$_x$ target microstructure on the release properties of fission products. Nucl.Instrum.Meth.B, 440 . DOI
  • Henry H., Tegze G. (2019). Kinetics of coarsening have dramatic effects on the microstructure : Self-similarity breakdown induced by viscosity contrast. Physical Review E, 100(1). DOI
  • Henry H. (2019). Limitations of the modelling of crack propagating through heterogeneous material using a phase field approach. Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 104 . DOI
  • Ignacio M., Plapp M. (2019). Spacing homogenization in lamellar eutectic arrays with anisotropic interphase boundaries. Physical Review Materials, 3(11). DOI
  • Kang M.-Y., Berthelot G. C., Nicolaides C. S., Colonna J.-F. S., Sapoval B. et al. (2019). Morphological organization of point-to-point transport in complex networks. Scientific Reports, 9 . DOI
  • Kazemi A., Louis B., Isabey D., Nieman G., Gatto L. et al. (2019). Surfactant delivery in rat lungs : Comparing 3D geometrical simulation model with experimental instillation. PLoS Computational Biology, 15(10)e1007408. DOI
  • Lanoiselée Y., Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Non-Gaussian diffusion of mixed origins. Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 52(30) . DOI
  • Moutal N. S., Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Diffusion Across Semi-permeable Barriers : Spectral Properties, Efficient Computation, and Applications. Journal of Scientific Computing, 81(3) . DOI
  • Moutal N. S., Maximov I. I., Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Surface-to-volume ratio of an anisotropic medium by diffusion NMR with general gradient encoding. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 38(11) . DOI
  • Piazza F., Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Diffusion-influenced reactions on non-spherical partially absorbing axisymmetric surfaces. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(46) . DOI
  • Tupikina L., Grebenkov D. S. (2019). Structural and temporal heterogeneities on networks. Applied Network Science, 4 . DOI
  • Valeyre S., Grebenkov D. S., Aboura S. (2019). The Reactive Beta Model. Journal of Financial Research, 42(1) . DOI
  • Valeyre S., Grebenkov D. S., Aboura S. (2019). Emergence of correlations between securities at short time scales. Physica A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 526 . DOI
  • Witzel P., Götz M., Lanoiselée Y., Franosch T. S., Grebenkov D. S. et al. (2019). Heterogeneities Shape Passive Intracellular Transport. Biophysical Journal, 117(2) . DOI