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Publications 2018

par Hervé Henry - publié le

  • Almog Y., Grebenkov D. S., Helffer B. (2018). Spectral semi-classical analysis of a complex Schrödinger operator in exterior domains. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 59(4) .DOI
  • Delitsyn A., Grebenkov D. S. (2018). MODE MATCHING METHODS FOR SPECTRAL AND SCATTERING PROBLEMS. Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, 71 .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2018). Diffusion MRI/NMR at high gradients : challenges and perspectives. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 269 .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Krapf D. (2018). Steady-state reaction rate of diffusion-controlled reactions in sheets. Journal of Chemical Physics, 149(6) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Metzler R., Oshanin G. (2018). Strong defocusing of molecular reaction times results from an interplay of geometry and reaction control. Communications Chemistry, 1 .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Metzler R., Oshanin G. (2018). Towards a full quantitative description of single-molecule reaction kinetics in biological cells. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20(24) ]
  • Hahn W., Lentali J.-M., Polovodov P., Young N., Nakamura S. et al. (2018). Evidence of nanoscale Anderson localization induced by intrinsic compositional disorder in InGaN/GaN quantum wells by scanning tunneling luminescence spectroscopy. Physical Review B : Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), 98(4).DOI
  • Henry H., Tegze G. (2018). Self-similarity and coarsening rate of a convecting bicontinuous phase separating mixture : Effect of the viscosity contrast. Physical Review Fluids, 3(7) .DOI
  • Lanoiselée Y., Moutal N. S., Grebenkov D. S. (2018). Diffusion-limited reactions in dynamic heterogeneous media. Nature Communications, 9 .DOI
  • Lanoiselée Y., Sikora G., Grzesiek A., Grebenkov D. S., Wyłomańska A. (2018). Optimal parameters for anomalous diffusion exponent estimation from noisy data. Phys.Rev.E, 98(6) .DOI
  • Lanoiselée Y., Briand G., Dauchot O., Grebenkov D. S. S., Grebenkov D. S. (2018). Statistical analysis of random trajectories of vibrated disks : Towards a macroscopic realization of Brownian motion. Physical Review E, 98(6).DOI
  • Moutal N. S., Nilsson M. S., Topgaard D., Grebenkov D. S. (2018). The Kärger vs bi-exponential model : theoretical insights and experimental validations. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 296 .DOI
  • Thomas P., Henry H., Plapp M. (2018). Nucleation of crystal surfaces with corner energy regularization. Journal of Crystal Growth, 503 .DOI