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Publications 2022

par Hervé Henry - publié le

  • Arnold D., Filoche M., Mayboroda S., Wang W., Zhang S. (2022). The Landscape Law for Tight Binding Hamiltonians. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 396(3) .DOI
  • Banon J.-P., Pelletier P., Weisbuch C., Mayboroda S., Filoche M. (2022). Wigner-Weyl description of light absorption in disordered semiconductor alloys using the localization landscape theory. Physical Review B, 105(12) .DOI
  • Bouteille B., Fonné J. T., Burov E., Gouillart E., Henry H., Montigaud H., Jop P., Vandembroucq D. (2022). Slow coarsening of ultra-confined phase-separated glass thin films. Applied Physics Letters, 120(5) .DOI
  • Chaigneau A., Grebenkov D. S. (2022). First-passage times to anisotropic partially reactive targets. Physical Review E, 105(5) .DOI
  • Delitsyn A., Grebenkov D. S. (2022). Resonance scattering in a waveguide with identical thick perforated barriers. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 412 .DOI
  • Graciani G., Filoche M., Amblard F. (2022). 3D stochastic interferometer detects picometer deformations and minute dielectric fluctuations of its optical volume. Communications Physics, 5(1) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2022). An encounter-based approach for restricted diffusion with a gradient drift. Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 55(4) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2022). Depletion of Resources by a Population of Diffusing Species. Physical Review E, 105(5) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Kumar A. (2022). First-passage times of multiple diffusing particles with reversible target-binding kinetics. Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 55(32) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Skvortsov A. (2022). Mean first-passage time to a small absorbing target in three-dimensional elongated domains. Physical Review E, 105(5) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S., Kumar A. (2022). Reversible Target-Binding Kinetics of Multiple Impatient Particles. Journal of Chemical Physics, 156(8) .DOI
  • Grebenkov D. S. (2022). Statistics of diffusive encounters with a small target : Three complementary approaches. Journal of Statistical Mechanics : Theory and Experiment, 2022(8) .DOI
  • Le Vot F., Yuste S. S., Abad E., Grebenkov D. S. (2022). First-encounter time of two diffusing particles in two-and three-dimensional confinement. Physical Review E, 105(4) .DOI
  • Pelletier P., Delande D., Josse V., Aspect A., Mayboroda S., Arnold D., Filoche M. (2022). Spectral functions and localization-landscape theory in speckle potentials. Phys.Rev.A, 105(2) .DOI
  • Rasolofomanana M., Cardon C., Plapp M., Philippe T., Henry H., Le Tellier R. (2022). Diffuse-interface modelling of multicomponent diffusion and phase separation in the U-O-Zr ternary system. Computational Materials Science, 214 .DOI