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Publications 2016

par Hervé Henry - publié le

  • Akamatsu S., Plapp M. (2016). Eutectic and peritectic solidification patterns. Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 20(1) .DOI
  • Bardos C., Grebenkov D. S., Rozanova-Pierrat A. (2016). Short time heat diffusion in compact domains with discontinuous transmission boundary conditions. Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 26(1) .DOI
  • Cardon C.*, Le Tellier R., Plapp M. (2016). Modelling of liquid phase segregation in the Uranium–Oxygen binary system. Calphad, 52 .DOI
  • Cartalade A., Younsi A., Plapp M. (2016). Lattice Boltzmann simulations of 3D crystal growth : Numerical schemes for a phase-field model with anti-trapping current. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 71(9) .DOI
  • Chemmi H., Dominique P., Levitz P., Denoyel R., Galarneau A., Korb J.-P. (2016). Noninvasive Experimental Evidence of Linear Pore Size Dependence of Water Diffusion in Nano-Confinement. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7 .DOI
  • Guéron M., Plateau P., Filoche M. (2016). Studies of the B-Z Transition of DNA : The Temperature Dependence of the Free-Energy Difference, the Composition of the Counterion Sheath in Mixed Salt, and the Preparation of a Sample of the 5 ’-d[T-(m(5)C-G)(12)-T] Duplex in Pure B-DNA or Z-DNA form. Biopolymers, 105(7) .DOI
  • Lefebvre G., Gondel A., Dubois M., Atlan M., Feppon F., Labbé A., Gillot C., Garelli A., Ernoult M., Mayboroda S., Filoche M., Sebbah P. (2016). One Single Static Measurement Predicts Wave Localization in Complex Structures. Physical Review Letters, 117(7).DOI
  • Rollet A.-L., Neveu S., Porion P., Dupuis V., Cherrak N., Levitz P. (2016). New approach for understanding experimental NMR relaxivity properties of magnetic nanoparticles : focus on cobalt ferrite. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18(48) .DOI
  • Sodero A. C. R., Santos Silva H., Guevara Level P., Bouyssière B., Korb J.-P., Carrier H., Alfarra A., Bégué D., Baraille I. (2016). Investigation of the Effect of Sulfur Heteroatom on Asphaltene Aggregation. Energy & Fuels, 30(Copyright DOI