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Wu Yijian

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Groupe Physique de l’Irrégularité

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(+33) 1 69 33 47 17

During my PhD, I worked on the development of a multiscale numerical model
on solidification, called Cellular Automaton – Parabolic Thick Needle
(CAPTN) model. This CAPTN model has been used for predicting the dendritic
grain structures.

Now I am a post-doctoral researcher in PMC, working with Thomas PHILIPPE on
nucleation theory. Crystallization processes in ionic solutions have
garnered significant attention across various scientific disciplines. The
intricate role of transients and precursors in these processes, however, is
beyond the scope of the classical nucleation theory and remains poorly
understood. We aim to develop the multivariable nucleation theory and
numerical models for explaining the influence of precursors in nucleation.