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Henry de Villeneuve Catherine

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Groupe Electrochimie et Couches Minces

Contact :

+33 (0)1 69 33 46 64

Research Activities
 Surface functionalization/ surface Chemistry
 Organic Monolayers on Silicon
 Molecular Organization/Interactions on surfaces
 Photo-switchable monolayers on Silicon
 Growth and properties of Metal-Organic layers :
    • Metal Organic Framework (MOF) : learn more
    • Prussian Blue Analogs (PBA)
 Functional surfaces for bio/chem detection
 Amorphous Si-based anodes for Li ion batteries : learn more.

Skills domains
Scientific : Nanoscience, Surface chemistry, Electrochemistry, Growth
Expérimental : Surface characterization, Near Field Microscopy (AFM, STM), FTIR spectroscopy, XRay Diffraction

Previous professional experiences
1993-2003    Researcher, Laboratory of Interfaces and Electrochemical Systems (LISE)
UPR15 CNRS – Sorbonne University Paris.
1991–1993    ATER, Department of Materials Physico-Chemistry - Ecole Centrale de Lyon

1992    PhD from Claude Bernard University (UCB) - Lyon I
    Department of Materials Physico-Chemistry - Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Recent publications
• Growth of Fe-BDC Metal Organic Frameworks onto functionalized Si (111) surfaces, H. Yuan, W. Fu, N. Soulmi, C. Serre, N. Steunou, M. Rosso, C. Henry-de-Villeneuve, Chemistry - An Asian Journal 17 (2022) e202200129.
• Affinity driven ion exchange EG-OFET sensor for high selectivity and low limit of detection of Cesium in seawater, T.P. Nuy, V. Kilinc, R. Hayakawa, C. Henry-de-Villeneuve, J.-M. Raimundo, Y. Wakayama, A. Charrier, Sensors & Actuators B : Chemical 351 (2022) 130956.
• Controlling homogeneity of the first lithiation in methylated amorphous silicon, Y. Feng, A. Cheriet, M. Panagopoulou, C. Henry-de-Villeneuve, M. Rosso, F. Ozanam, Electrochimica Acta 403 (2022) 139655.
• ToF-SIMS Li depth profiling of pure and methylated amorphous silicon electrodes after their partial lithiation, Y. Feng, B. M. Koo, A. Seyeux, J. Światowska, C. Henry de Villeneuve, M. Rosso, F. Ozanam, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14 (2022) 35716-35725.
• Influence of Light Polarization on Photoswitching of Fulgimide Monolayers on Surfaces, S. Klaes, C. Henry-de-Villeneuve, F. Ozanam, C. Barta, K. Rueck-Braun, R. Métivier, P. Allongue, J. Phys. Chem. C (2019) 123, 19, 12223-12233.
• Lithiation of pure and methylated amorphous silicon : Monitoring by operando optical microscopy and ex situ atomic force microscopy, Y. Feng, T.-D.-T. Ngo, M. Panagopoulou, A. Cheriet, B.-M. Koo, C. Henry-de-Villeneuve, M. Rosso, F. Ozanam, Electrochimica Acta 302 (2019) 249-258.
• Structure of Mixed Acid/Decyl Monolayers Grafted on Oxide-Free Si(111) Surfaces, C. Henry-de-Villeneuve, T.-L. Nguyen-Le, F. Ozanam, P. Allongue, Langmuir (2019) 35, 7, 2547-2553.
• Novel and innovative interface as potential active layer in Chem-FET sensor devices for the specific sensing of Cs2+, V. Kilinc, C. Henry-de-Villeneuve, T. P. Nguy, Y. Wakayama, A. Charrier, J.-M. Raimundo, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2019).
• Active Acetylcholinesterase Immobilization on a Functionalized Silicon Surface, K. Khaldi, S. Sam, A. C. Gouget-Laemmel, C. Henry de Villeneuve, A. Moraillon, F. Ozanam, J. Yang, A. Kermad, N. Ghellai, N. Gabouze, Langmuir (2015) 31, 8421-8428.
• Poly(dimethylsiloxane) as a pre-coating in layer-by-layer films containing phosphotungstate nanoclusters electrochemically sensitive toward s-triazines, A. L. Souza, G. Tremiliosi-Filho, L. T. Kubota, R. K. Mendes, A. M. B. do Rego, O. N. Oliveira, C. Henry de Villeneuve, J. N. Chazalviel, P. Allongue, F. Ozanam, and U. P. Rodrigues, Rsc. Advances (2014) 4, 29612.
• Methylated silicon : A longer cycle-life material for Li-ion batteries,
L. Touahir, A. Cheriet, D. Alves Dalla Corte, J.-N. Chazalviel, C. Henry de Villeneuve, F. Ozanam, I. Solomon, A. Keffous, N. Gabouze, M. Rosso, J. Power Sources (2013) 240, 551-557.
• Thermal decomposition of alkoxy monolayers on silicon : a mechanistic model, D. Dusciac, C. Henry de Villeneuve, P. Allongue, F. Ozanam, J.-N. Chazalviel, Surface Science (2013) 609, 230-235.
• Quantitative IR Readout of Fulgimide Monolayer Switching on Si(111) Surfaces, C. Henry de Villeneuve, F. Michalik, J.-N. Chazalviel, K. Rück-Braun, P. Allongue, Adv. Mater. (2013) 25, 416-421.