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Electrodeposition and nanostructures

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In this field, we study the electrochemical synthesis of thin layers and functional nanostructures for electrocatalysis and magnetism. Our objective is to understand the origin of the properties of these deposits in relation to their morphology, their crystal structure and their surface chemistry. To do this, we study in-situ the elementary steps of nucleation and growth of ultra-thin films using near-field microscopy techniques (STM/AFM) and X-ray diffraction. The properties of these layers are studied in operando by X-ray absorption diffraction (XRD, EXAFS) and by magneto-optical measurements (MOKE).

Figure : (a) image by scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) of a Co layer electrodeposited on Au. (b) image by atomic force microscopy of a layer of Co3O4 electrodeposited on Au.