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Amorphous silicon as a negative-electrode material for Li-ion batteries

par Rosso Michel - publié le , mis à jour le

Participants : F. Ozanam, M. Rosso, C. Henry de Villeneuve
Research engineer : N. T. Phung
PhD students : D. A. Dalla Corte (2013), B.-M. Koo (2017), Y. Feng (2021), N. T. Phung (2023)

Lithium-ion batteries are among the best current solutions for storing electrical energy. The replacement of carbon which is currently used in negative electrodes by silicon would further improve their performance. However, silicon undergoes very significant volume variations during charge/discharge cycles, yielding rapid battery degradation.
We are working on a new material derived from silicon, methylated amorphous silicon (Fig.1), which has the advantage of better accommodating volume variations. Our studies, carried out on thin layer electrodes (thickness ≤ 400 nm), show that this new material has a much better stability upon cycling (about 80% of the initial capacity preserved for more than one thousand cycles) and a faradic efficiency - ratio between the released charge and the stored charge - very close to unity.

Fig. 1 : (a) Structure at the atomic scale of methylated amorphous silicon : the blue-cyan spheres represent the silicon atoms, the gray and the yellow spheres represent the methyl groups (1 carbon bonded to 3 hydrogens and to 1 silicon).

Collaborations : A. Cheriet (CRTSE, Alger), J. Światowska, A. Seyeux (Chimie-ParisTech), A. Charrier (CINAM, Marseille), J.P. Pereira Ramos, B. Laik (ICMPE, Thiais), L. Guin (LMS-X), SAFT, Renault.

Techniques : infrared and Raman spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, ToF-SIMS, electrochemical measurements, optical microscopy.

Main publications :

"ToF-SIMS Li depth profiling of pure and methylated amorphous silicon electrodes after their partial lithiation", Yue Feng, Bon Min Koo, Antoine Seyeux, Jolanta Światowska, Catherine Henry de Villeneuve, Michel Rosso, François Ozanam, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14 (2022) 35716-35725

"Controlling homogeneity of the first lithiation in methylated amorphous silicon", Yue Feng, Abdelhak Cheriet, Marianthi Panagopoulou, Catherine Henry-de-Villeneuve, Michel Rosso, François Ozanam, Electrochimica Acta 403 (2022) 139655.

"Lithiation of pure and methylated amorphous silicon : monitoring by operando optical microscopy and ex situ atomic force microscopy", Yue Feng, Thuy-Doan-Trang Ngo, Marianthi Panagopoulou, Abdelhak Cheriet, Bon Min Koo, Catherine Henry-de-Villeneuve, Michel Rosso, François Ozanam, Electrochim. Acta 302 (2019) 249-258.

"Lithiation mechanism of methylated amorphous silicon unveiled by operando ATR-FTIR spectroscopy", Bon Min Koo, Daniel Alves Dalla Corte, Jean-Noël Chazalviel, Fouad Maroun, Michel Rosso, François Ozanam, Adv. Energy Mater. 8 (2018) 1702568

"Methylated silicon : A longer cycle-life material for Li-ion batteries", L. Touahir, A. Cheriet, D. A. Dalla Corte, J.-N. Chazalviel, C. Henry de Villeneuve, F. Ozanam, I. Solomon, A. Keffous, N. Gabouze, M. Rosso, Journal of Power Sources 240 (2013) 551-557.