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Cadiz Fabian

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Electrons Photons Surfaces Group


In 2017 I have brought a new research activity to Ecole Polytechnique : the study of the fascinating optical properties of excitons in novel 2D semiconductors such as MoS2, MoSe2,WSe2, and WS2. Soon after joining the PMC lab, I have installed a setup to mechanically exfoliate van der Waals crystals and determiniscally transfer single layers into any kind of substrate and in a well controlled atmosphere. To obtain high quality samples, we encapsulate 2D layers with very thin hexagonal boron nitride flakes. More recently, we have managed to fabricate charge tunable devices with graphene flakes as electrical contacts. We have also constructed a hyperspectral microscopy experiment that works with polarized light at low temperatures. By exploiting the optical selection rules, this experiment allows to explore charge, spin and valley dynamics in a variety of semiconductors at the micron scale. This new activity has received financial support through the ANR Grant SpinCAT (2018-2022).
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