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Feng Yue

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Groupe Electrochimie et Couches Minces

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T. +33 (0)1 69 33 47 91

I obtained my master degree of Advanced Material Engineering in École polytechnique & Université Paris Saclay from 2016 to 2018. Moreover, I have studied for 4 years (2012-2016) for my bachelor at University of Science and Technology of China with a major in material Physics.

Research Topic
My current research topic for my Ph.D study is Lithiation of Methylated Amorphous silicon. Although lithium-ion batteries currently have the best energy storage density, increasing their capacity remains an important issue for a large number of applications. Among the current limitations is the capacity of the negative electrode of the battery. Silicon electrodes have a theoretical capacity ten times that of carbon-based electrodes used as negative electrodes in commercial batteries. However, it has the serious defect of poorly resisting charge / discharge cycles, due to the large volume variations that accompany them, particularly deleterious in liquid electrolyte medium. Methylated amorphous silicon thin film is considered as a promising anode for Li-ion because of its high capacity. However, the cyclability is reduced with increasing the layer thickness because the change in silicon volume upon lithiation and delithiation induces high stress affecting the material integrity. It was recently shown that the first lithiation of these layers takes place according to a two-step process in which a heavily lithiated phase progressively invades the material. The lithium content of this invading phase non-monotonously depends on the concentration of methyl groups in the starting material. My present work is based on in-situ measurements of methylated amorphous silicon thin-film electrodes during electrochemical lithiation and delithiation by operando optical microscopy with a specially designed cell.

Publication & Patent
- L. Chen ; Y. Feng ; H. Liang ; Z. Wu ; S. Yu* Macroscopic-Scale Three-Dimensional Carbon Nanofiber Architectures for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices. Adv. Energy Mater. 2017, Invited Review.
- L. Chen ;† S. Ma ;† S. Lu ; Y. Feng ; J. Zhang ; S. Xin ; S. Yu*, Biotemplating synthesis of three dimensional porous MnO/C-N nanocomposites from renewable-rapeseed flower pollen : An anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Nano Res. 2017, 10(1), 1-11. Front Cover.
- S. Yu ; L. Chen ; S. Ma ; Y. Feng National Patent of China : Biomass-Based MnO/C-N Nanocomposite Materials and a preparation method and application thereof. Patent NO. CN2015106419776.