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10 January 2023

Defect Engineering of Electronic Properties in 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide ternary alloys

DEEP2D both targets new basic knowledge on nanomaterials and its envisioned breakthrough for nanoelectronics and optoelectronics. It belongs to worldwide efforts devoted to basic understanding (...)

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27 October 2022

Vernissage de l’exposition La recherche d’aujourd’hui pour l’énergie de demain

Cette exposition, portée par le PMC, est accessible au musée de l’Ecole polytechnique (MusX) et présente les différents moyens de production d’énergie. Elle en trace l’historique et présente les (...)

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27 October 2022

When nonlinearity meets complexity : a controlled radio-frequency maser for dynamic molecular polarization (DNP) -Project funded by the ANR

This project aims at investigating fundamental aspects of nonlinear magnetization dynamics of hyperpolarized spins by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) in high magnetic fields at liquid helium (...)

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10 June 2022

Controlling homogeneity of the first lithiation in methylated amorphous silicon

Controlling homogeneity of the first lithiation in methylated amorphous silicon Electrodes made of methylated amorphous silicon (a-Si1-x(CH3)x:H) have better cyclability than those made of pure (...)

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10 June 2022

Growth of MOFs on functionalized Si surfaces

MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks) are crystalline hybrid materials obtained by assembling metal ions and organic ligands. These materials have great potential for many applications due to their (...)

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