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Spin & electron dynamics

par Rowe Alistair - publié le , mis à jour le

The study of spin dynamics in semiconductors was the first research field of the group, starting with the first observation of optical pumping (i.e. optical injection of spin polarized electrons using circularly polarized photons) in a solid. This phenomenon was demonstrated in silicon via a nuclear magnetic resonance technique.

Since this time the group has developed and used several experimental techniques to study electronic spin relaxation and transport in semiconductors including polarized luminescence spectroscopy and imaging, Mott polarimetry of photoemitted electrons in UHV, as well as optical magnetometers.

Important results obtained by the group include detailed studies of spin relaxation in GaAs, the development of spin-polarized electron sources and of all-solid spin filters, and the experimental observation of novel charge/spin coupling phenomena during spin polarized electron transport.