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Short laser pulses

par Rowe Alistair - publié le

New spintronic devices are based on the different timescale at which electrons, spins and lattice interacts. This field was opened by the availability of the first femtosecond laser pulses. Solid state physics could expand in a new dimension where the electronic excitations can be induced in non-equilibrium conditions non accessible by simply increasing temperature.

Contact : Fausto Sirotti

Experiments are performed on several subjects in collaboration with Scientists in Synchrotrons and Free Electrons Lasers in France [SOLEIL] and abroad [ELETTRA and FERMI in Italy, FLASH and XFEL in Germany, SLS in Switzerland and SPRING 8 in Japan]. For the theoretical developments needed for the understanding of the spectroscopic results we work in collaboration with the theory group at LSI and other ETSF groups in Europe.

Laser Induced phase transition in FeRh layers. FeRh is a particularly interesting system because of a antiferromagnetic (AFM) to Ferromagnetic (FM) phase transition around 400C. We have been particularly interested in surface and bulk properties as well as in the electronic properties during the phase transition induced by short laser pulses..

Manipulation of magnetization with polarized electron currents in FM/semiconductor interfaces . Our approach is developed in collaboration with Jean Lamour University in Nancy and C2N laboratory in Paris Saclay University. It will exploit the well-established principles of optical spin orientation in semiconductors for optically generating or detecting spin-polarized hot carrier current pulses. It will provide direct and selective access to the effect of photo-excited spin polarized hot carriers on the magnetization dynamics.